Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Readers give your opinion!

There was a radio show in a small town, on a small station, that had three sometimes four hosts that more importantly than getting there point across would listen to others. As the producer, I wanted to be able to give my opinion because I wanted to voice it, but more importantly I wanted to learn and grow. From other points of views.
As a Kirby salesman trying to earn enough money to play, I learned that listening to the customer is key. Something I want to hypothetically do now. As a normal average blog reader, to a weekend warrior. or even the most talented of pros. Do you, as the reader, think that a tie in of local music and paintball production companies would pay off in the long run. Bringing both players and sponsors into the sport.... One could say with American Airlines and Hertz having jumping in the mix. Things can happen. But on the other hand. The travel expenses are one thing that hinders tournament turnouts on all counts. I figure with a tie in of local music of all genres and all levels we boost both local bands turn outs as well as more material for paintball styled music videos. While still making it a good venue for other potential advertisers. I have plans to do this but before I go through I would like to hear what the general public thinks. Any comments are welcome.

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